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Dubstep, Electro House, Hip Hop, House, Progressive House,
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Hrvoje Turcin a.k.a. TURKTHEDJ – a DJ coming straight out of Croatia`s capital – Zagreb. Born in the year 1983, he had the chance to meet the different cultures within the sound journeys of TV & radio stations, as well as the cassettes and old «father’s, mother’s, uncle’s…» vinyl collections. It took quite some time for Turk to get to his familiar-to-the-masses sound but finally it happened during his “I am now an adult!” time. After visiting hundreds and maybe more than a thousand of electronic music events, the reality bit him right in the.. khm!.. yes… ? And so, TURKTHEDJ was born! – Funky, free-styled, yet precise and always on the run is the closest way on how to describe his sound which the luckiest ones had, have or will have the chance to hear out on many various gigs and venues. This events where the one which revealed Turk’s now days’ mash-up sound in his DJ sets. A notice to everyone: “If you’re not yet sure that you’re ready to let go and go off to a flight into unknown.. maybe into the deep jungle of Africa, or maybe finest d’n’b story of Brazil, or just maybe to the finest venue in Ibiza during the summer-time… you should not bother to hear Turk’s beats! This is not for those who are still connected to the sentence “being ordinary is plain ok!”. But, if you are willing to go to a trip that doesn’t end the very same instance when the lights turn on in the club and the club security shouts “it’s over, go home!”… than this is your ‘ride’. So, are you ready to hop on? ;-) “ Croatia’s finest CLUB DJ. His style is familiar to those who had the luck of listening to him play his numerous DJ sets. What`s a soup without any extra ingredients? – TURKTHEDJ is exactly a kind of cook you would want it you need your crowd to stay on their feet all night long asking for more and more not knowing what`s coming up next. His play-style represents his character: cheerful yet mysterious, and like that you never know what`ll come up next in his mix.. therefore it`s the best to listen to his sets from the first to the last ending track for his set is never monotone yet is not filled just to be filled but always with a meaning or better said `a story`. Today – `the` question is no longer if he `can` do it but more `where` and `when` will he do it. – The magic that he does in his kitchen with DJ-tools being his favourite cooking materials. A chef in his kitchen and a sheriff in his neighbourhood, TURKTHEDJ doesn’t go to sleep for a minute while the crowd is cheering for more and more




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