Lady DJ Suubaru
Lady DJ Suubaru

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Lady DJ Suubaru


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Electro House, Electronica, Progressive House, Tech House, Ostalo,
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Martina Borošić a.k.a. Lady DJ Suub@ru was born in Karlovac 11.11.1987. The fact that her father his whole life was professionally engaged in music and was a leader in many rock style`s in the former Yugoslavia and today`s Croatia helped to define the musical taste of Martina. As teenager she preferred rock music as it was always in harmony with her rampant temperament. In the age of 14 she went to visit some familiy in Germany where Martina`s uncle discovered the charms of the clubbing and house scene. Since then, Martina has actively consumed house music and in line with that monitors the work of DJ `s on the domestic scene, as well as those from the world scene. As her love for house music grew it the next step was obvious- She began to play with players some friends borrowed her. The first time she pushed the cue button she knew that this is something she never wants to stop doing. Martina played in lots of clubs caffe`s like Aquariusu, Gallery, HGF festival,Coyote bar Nin, Funk, Plato, Jackie Brown, Fanatik, Bagdad, Maraschino, Fly bar,Posh club,Terminal club, Boa club, Top eat and drink club, Hacienda Sarajevo, grand opening of west gate shopping centar, beer days in karlovac, rujanfest in zagreb, old bridge pub in osijek, multimedia fair ect. She is now a resident DJ @ Aquarius Zagreb for the second year and has played with Freemasons, Shapeshifters, Niki Belucci, Marusha and Viktoria Metzkler and has been the resident DJ for Aquarius club @ Zrće in 2010.